Author/Authors: Richard A. Swanson, Thomas J. Chermack (2013)

“Swanson and Chermack argue that applied disciplines falter when either theory or practice dominates. The method of theory building in applied disciplines presented and detailed in this book is simple yet powerful.”
—Wayne F. Cascio, Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership and Professor of Management, Business School, University of Colorado Denver

“Theory Building in Applied Disciplines is a long-overdue book. Swanson and Chermack have made a truly significant contribution to the development of practice-based theories that will enrich applied disciplines.”
—Marshall Scott Poole, Professor of Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“This book practices what it preaches by meshing theory and practice in an accessible and rigorous way. Scholars and graduate students will benefit from the advice and examples provided.”
—Kevin Dooley, Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University

“This is a welcome addition to the growing conversation on the role of theory and theory development in applied disciplines.”
—David Whetten, Jack Wheatley Professor of Organizational Studies, Brigham Young University

“Swanson and Chermack’s excellent presentation and expansion of the phases of theory building in applied disciplines represents a significant contribution to the scholarly literature.”
—Pedro Reyes, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, The University of Texas System

Part 1: Foundations of Theory Building

Part 2: Phases of Theory Building

Part 3: Successful Theory Building between

Chapter 12 - Watcha Gonna Do?